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Avery lives here among other places, including:


I am a hobbyist sysadmin and programmer stuck in somewhat unfortunate life circumstances. But you know what they say:

The wisest sage can live comfortably in hell.
- old Pete Carroll


I started in Linux but now I'm more interested in UNIX. Linux Stockholm syndrome is real. Linux is just the most popular, probably because it panders to consumerist nonsense with all of it's distros. They're really all the same, aren't they? It seems like a fruitless effort all this distro hopping.

I run FreeBSD in server space and Fedora on my laptop. I don't care what kernel it is as long as it's UNIX and just works.

Even if it's just a pedigree, I feel much more at home on a *BSD.
- me


In the cracks, I genuinely enjoy Plan9 from Bell Labs. POSIX Stockholm syndrome is real. There's just something refreshing about 9. It feels like home. It's slightly more than minimum viable. But who am I kidding, if I can't even convince the office to let me be a marginally more efficient paper pusher with Linux then there's no way in hell they'd let me install 9.

No Avery, you can't install this bullshit on the work computers!
- it's too late I already did


I write a lot of shell, C, and PHP. All in Vi like god intended. Somewhere in my decaying brain there are echoes of R, JavaScript, Octave, and Lua. But those parts are very quickly fading. Lately I'm becoming more interested in older languages like FORTRAN and LISP.


Some ideas:

 Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law 
 Love is the law, love under will 
 There is no law beyond do what thou wilt 
 Keep it simple, stupid 
 I am that I am not 
 Nothing is true, everything is permitted 
 Computers went wrong when we left the command line 
 Your OS is just a bootloader for Chrome 
 POSIX is the LCD